Head shot of Michaëlle Jean. Image source: Carleton University


Michaëlle Jean reinvented the image of  a Canadian Governor-General. During her tenure, she represented a contemporary image of  Haitians and Canadians alike – poised, rooted , accomplished and deeply personable.

A trailblazing figure in many respects, Michaëlle Jean is a philanthropist, activist and award-winning journalist.

As she so aptly put it in her installation speech, “The time of the “two solitudes” that for too long described the character of this country is past. The narrow notion of “every person for himself” does not belong in today’s world, which demands that we learn to see beyond our wounds, beyond our differences for the good of all.”

Tirelessly devoted to community-building and empowerment, she founded the Michaëlle Jean Foundation, an organization that invests in young, creative people so they can be catalysts for change and revitalization in their communities.

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Photo: Michaëlle Jean.
Source: Carleton University