Run-ins with Haitians

Yonge-Bloor subway station is a lively display of the international flavour that Toronto offers. On any given morning, as you float up the escalators, you may hear music from far-flung places. Some of it may entice you enough to linger a bit, or may just blend into the wall of sounds that make up your urban commute. Either way, it’s all a reflection of the eclectic cultural  fabric of Toronto.

Watching Dieufaite Charles serenade subway passengers on a balmy March morning was subtle proof that Haitians had etched themselves into the landscape of Toronto life.

As if publicly confessing a secret, he belted out sweet notes in Kréyól, knowing only a handful of people could potentially understand what he was saying.

It was both exciting and intriguing to be part of that handful few.


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